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We borrow from nature

Ferno’s home is in Lubartów.

The picturesque region of Lubelszczyzna in the valley of the Wieprz River, free from industrial contamination and pollution. The region is famous for its lush forests, whose total surface amounts to 599 ha on the territory of the District of Lubartów. The forests surrounding Lubartów play an important part in the natural green area, especially the forest complex called Lasy Kozłowieckie. Due to its location and environmental attributes the forest complex has been labeled the “green lungs of Lublin”. It includes the Kozie Góry Natural Reserve, the hunters’ lodge called “Stary Tartak” (the Old Sawmill) and the educational trail called “Kopanina”.

Wood is a valuable natural raw material used for the production of windows under the FERNO brand. Therefore, FERNO treats all aspects of environmental protection very seriously and takes many actions concerning this.

FERNO puts the effort  not to adversely affect the beautiful nature of Lubartow area and acts to return the nature of what was taken from her. That’s why FERNO intentionally and selectively conducts purchases of raw materials to produce their windows, buying material derived exclusively within the framework of pruning carried out in the stands and cuts renewal necessary for the emergence of a new generation of forest, thus supporting the actions taken for the restoration, afforestation, nurture and protect forest . Suppliers of raw material for FERNO’s production have international certificates good forest management – PEFC, FSC.

A very important and valuable part of FERNO activity is cooperation with Forest District Lubartów in the promotion of environmental education among young people to develop in their natural habit concern for the environment.  FERNO actively participates in proecological projects aimed at school students of Lubartów Region, by sponsoring students’ participation in meetings related to the planting of trees and other forms of environmental protection.

FERNO wants to set an example to others, how to act in harmony with nature.