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Ferno’s origin


FERNO is a brand which combines the heritage of the former Lubartów “FERNO” Window Manufacture, rich in tradition and experience of its many generations of carpentry masters, with the support of the latest technologies in window woodwork and immense respect and recognition for the natural environment of the Lubartów region it comes from. That is why FERNO creates:

Production of door and window woodwork is the area in which Ferno has specialized for years and earned esteem of satisfied clients, both in Poland and on European markets.

FERNO windows are famous for their timeless beauty and durability, energy-saving and soundproof qualities, they provide safety, comfort and proper indoor microclimate. FERNO produces windows for both multifamily housing and in response to all individual projects, but it also creates unique antique window replicas.

Choosing windows with FERNO trademark means not only choosing a fine quality product but also caring for the natural environment, with respect for future generations.